In order to maintain consumer confidence in premium rate services, Vodafone require all services, premium rate messages and marketing to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.  In addition Vodafone have created a Premium Rate Code of Practice which all service providers must comply with.  There are a range of compliance documents available below and more information can be obtained by visiting the sites listed under Industry Links.

  • Vodafone UK Content Standards for 3rd Parties

    Vodafone guidelines on services that should be restricted to adult customers.

  • LBS Vodafone Code of Practice

    Outlining Vodafone's compliance regulations in addition to the Industry Code of Practice

  • Vodafone PRS Code of Practice

    Detailed compliance information relating to marketing, information about pricing and other requirements, including STOP command.

  • LBS Industry Code of Practice

    For the use of mobile phone technology to provide passive location services in the UK

  • PhonePayPlus Code Of Practice

    Compliance guidelines for operating a PhonePayPlus service.

  • 12th Code Guidelines - Premium Rate services

    PhonepayPlus Industry Guidelines for Premium Rate services.

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