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Partner Programme

Our vision is to create an innovative B2B Enablers Partner Programme experience on the UK’s best mobile network

Reward for Commitment

Our B2B Enabler Partner Programme levels and benefits are a reward for your commitment to Vodafone B2B Enabler Services. The greater the commitment and breadth of Vodafone B2B Enabler services resold by a partner the greater the investment back into your business.

However, it’s not all about commitment, when considering the awarding of your tier; compliance is a key contributor, along with alignment of strategy and demonstrating innovation.

The Specialist tier is reserved for those partners who contribute significantly to Vodafone B2B Enablers, but are niche in their business sector and do not fit the standard aggregator profile.

Marketing Funding & Support

We recognise at times that there may be certain events that may stretch your budget or resources a little too far.  As part of our commitment to our partners we will consider all requests for co-marketing support. However, we will require a supporting business case for each request to allow us to make the right decision on what support we can offer if the request is approved.

Vodafone Branded Experience

For the first time ever we will allow our Vodafone Platinum B2B Enabler Partners to use the Vodafone accreditation logo on their literature.  (subject to prior approval)

This means you will be able to call yourself a Vodafone B2B Enabler Platinum Partner. Please do not use Vodafone Platinum Partner as it could be confused with our Indirect Partner Programme run by the Vodafone Enterprise team.

Our Vodafone Gold B2B Enabler Partners are invited to apply for approval to use our logo on their literature, subject to a successful Fraud, Risk & Security audit and Vodafone Brand approval.

As part of the wider access to the Vodafone branded experience, exclusive merchandise and marketing collateral will be made available. Also, how about hosting your clients in our new £1m Customer Experience Centre at Vodafone HQ with an optional guided tour of our state of the art Network Operations Centre?

Annual Reviews

Performance will be reviewed every six months and amendments to the tiers will be implemented on an annual basis.  Any changes in tiers will be made based on the second half of the year to capture any trend in performance that occurs immediately before awarding the partner status.

Evolving programme

Our B2B Enabler Partner Programme will continue to develop over time and we want you to be involved. We will hold regular Partner meetings to get your feedback on how things are working and get your valuable input into the future development of the programme.


What tier am I currently in?

Your company will have been contacted by the Head of B2B Enablers to advise.  If this information has not filtered through to you, please contact your account manager or for confirmation of your tier.

How am I scored?

You have been scored on a number of measures which include compliance, margins on bulk & Premium SMS, MPAY, etc.  For further information, please contact your account manager.

How do I move up a tier?

To move up a tier you will need to fulfil certain criteria.  The best way to do this is to contact you’re account manager to discuss a plan of action.  If you are aiming to move to Platinum status, you will also need to successfully pass a Fraud, Risk & Security audit.

What happens if I move down a tier?

If you score less than last year and are moved down a tier, your status will change inline with the benefit matrix given on this site.  If this means you've moved from Platinum to Gold status, you will lose some of your privileges such as being able to use the title and logo of B2B Enabler Platinum Partner.

I don't think I'm in the correct tier.

If you feel you've been incorrectly scored, please contact your account manager for advice and guidance.

I don't know who my account manager is

If you need to know who your current account manager is, please email

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